volunteer experience

Director, NYC Resistor 2015 Interactive Show

  • Organized a team of volunteers to run an art show and fundraiser
  • Curated artist and worked with their needs to make the best of of their placement
  • Coordinated press coverage with local blogs and social media campaigns on Twitter and Facebook

Code Maintainer, Dumbsto.re (2014 - Now)

  • Repaired and patched existing apps
  • Created and launched a staging environment to test new apps and code changes
  • Answered questions from developers and assisted them in debugging their apps

Co-organzier, Cyrpto Party NYC; New York, New York (2012 - Now)

  • Searched and scheduled venues optimized for accessibility and availability
  • Found and coordinated speakers, sponsors, and volunteers
  • Assisted non-engineers in the installation and configuration of cryptographic software

Organizer, Tin Foil Hat RFID Challenge / Fashion Show; New York, New York (2012)

  • Organized and scheduled volunteers and resources for a contest where people make tin foil hats which can block RFID detection and look aesthetically creative at the Ninth Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference
  • Set up and organized a pbworks wiki for this and other Alpha One Labs projects

Co-organizer, Art Hack Day; New York, New York (2011 - Now)

  • Consulted with network experts to design and implement a fast, reliable network for the 319 Scholes gallery space
  • Negotiated with sponsors to help finance or otherwise support the event and prove their coolness to the NYC art community
  • Drawing owls

Editor, HeatSync Labs; Chandler, Arizona - (2009-2011)

  • Wrote bylaws/charter for the newly formed HeatSync Labs hackerspace
  • Wrote blog posts on upcoming HeatSync Labs events, news, and interviews with local makers, some of which have been syndicated by Make: blog and other online outlets
  • Visited other hackerspaces and hacker/maker events in outreach efforts to share ideas and experiences with the very new phenomenon of the modern hackerspace
  • Designed the layout of the commons area of the space in Mesa now known as "Kipp Hall" and solicited for and collected corporate donations to furnish it

Director of Marketing, ABLEconf; Tempe, Arizona - (2009)

  • Created ABLEconf logo and modified it to comply with IP law
  • Designed all ABLEconf shwag, including t-shirts and buttons
  • Wrote press releases for major conference announcements
  • Used social media outlets to keep in touch with our attendees, speakers, and the Free/open-source community as a whole

Chair, IEEE Computer Society - DeVry Student Branch; Phoenix, Arizona - (2005-2006)

  • Re-established the IEEE Computer Society student branch at DeVry University, cutting through both DeVry and IEEE paperwork and red tape like a boss
  • Held monthly meetings with engineers and entrepreneurs from local industry

Founder/President, DeLUG; Phoenix, Arizona - (2003-2005)

  • Organized bi-monthly meetings on Linux and open-source related topics
  • Spoke and presented on various open-source technologies and projects
  • Created promotional materials, membership packages, and organized promotional and fund-raising events
  • Collaborated with other local technology groups in organizing joint meetings and events