work experience

Digital Security Trainer, Freedom of the Press Foundation (2017-Now)

  • Led and participating in digital security sessions for over two thousand investigative journalists, documentary filmmakers and more.
  • Coordinated with open source project developers on iterative design processes to help make the software we train journalists on easier for them to use.
  • Wrote accessibly-written guides and articles on digital security tools, practices and related topics.

Full-stack Developer, Undisclosed AI Lab; New York, New York (2015-2016)

  • Created a single-page responsive site for the lab showcasing its team and its visualization work
  • Developed JavaScript-based JSON data generators for creating mock financial data to use in testing data visualizations
  • Set up a robust server architecture optimized for spikes in high volume traffic (mitigating virality) using NGINX on an AWS EC2 instance
  • Visualized twenty years of historical financial publications, memos, newsletters and more into categories determined via machine learning with doc2vec.
  • Partnered with a major UK newspaper to visualize a quarter century of publsished articles into 3D space with doc2vec.

Developer, Brooklyn Museum; Brooklyn, New York (2011-2015)

  • Coordinated and coded for a partial backend migration of the museum website from a mostly broken XML-based PHP CMS system into ExpressionEngine for its extensibility and solid security track record
  • Responded and performed forensics operations in site breaches by scriptkiddies who were using Wordpress rootkits to attack our mostly broken XML-based PHP CMS system
  • Hired and organized a team of developers to build an interactive messaging system consisting of a native iPhone app in Objective-C/Cocoa, REST API in Slim PHP, and web-based staff dashboard written mostly in Angular with a minimal PHP foundation
  • Designed and architected an intranet web login system using combinations of photos that would be "stickier" in human memory than traditional PIN numbers or passwords
  • Created a system for tracking check-ins to artist studios using FuelPHP and Twilio using an SMS shortcode which followed industry standard interaction and acount security practices
  • Collaborated in the development of gobrooklynart.org as a FuelPHP application
  • Created a system to calculate the scale of artwork in the museum's online art collection and illustrate it using Brooklyn-centric elements to compare size to
  • Modernized brooklynmuseum.org's homepage to display events, news, and information in a compelling and intuitive design using Mootools and modern, cross-browser CSS
  • Developed web-based kiosk applications for browsing data for Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party, the centerpiece of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, searching for art information in the LUCE center for American art, as well as a user friendly application to sign up for museum news
  • Developed a PHP-based web application for aggregating and displaying data relating to a Lee Mingwei art exhibition using APIs from Flickr, Instagram, Twitter Search, and Twilio with internal moderation support
  • Adjusted, tested, and shipped a native iPhone application to Apple and audited for Apple HIG compliance while optimizing our compatibility for iPad and Verizon iPhone users
  • Created a replication script in Ruby to sync the video content of separate Youtube account, including a script for automating the process of enabling oauth access from one account to the other

Programmer-Analyst, U-Haul; Phoenix, Arizona - (2008-2011)

  • Enhanced the performance and scalability of an enterprise-level web-based CRM system used by over 9000 users across the US and Canada in English and French
  • Developed a centralized ASP.NET-based email campaign management system and editor for use in international marketing promotions in compliance with ethical email practices and guidelines

.NET Developer, Realty DataTrust; Scottsdale, Arizona - (2008-2008)

  • Interfaced with company leaders and support staff to develop specific and unambiguous business requirements for improving existing applications
  • Audited and corrected security vulnerabilities in a user-entry-heavy application to protect it against SQL Injections and other attack vectors
  • Coordinated with support staff to investigate and solve software problems in existing applications in a fast-paced startup environment

Computer Analyst, Salt River Project; Tempe, Arizona - (2005-2008)

  • Developed and maintained station management applications for the Arizona Flood Warning System in a .NET environment
  • Modified and customized open-source PHP groupware applications to meet company-specific requirements
  • Rewrote a legacy hydrology application written in FORTRAN to a modern web application in ASP.NET/C#
  • Maintained various proprietary and home-brewed applications (in C#, VB.NET, or Perl) and systems used in the aggregation of hydrology and meteorological data from a number of heterogeneous systems and sources both at SRP and off-site
  • Configured and wrote automation scripts in Bash and Python for Red Hat AS Servers used internally and in the Arizona Flood Warning System

Tier 1 Technician, IPower; Phoenix, Arizona - (2004-2005)

  • Provided phone-based technical assistance to an international clientèle
  • Solved and assisted website configuration issues in a BAMP environment (BSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP)


I've been creating things from the web since 1999, when I predicted that the future web would be accessed in mobile devices and written in WML decks. If you want to put stuff on the web, I have skills and experience to make it happen.